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This is a demo version of uCoz website Control panel. It is for you to familiarize yourself with the main system modules and features. All the Control panel actions are available, besides saving them and applying to the website. The access is provided for familiarization purposes. You may go to Control panel guide as well.
Hello, Demo Site    [20.10.2011, 13:24]
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Your site address - http://udemo.ucoz.com/
Available disk space 402 Mb (421067410 bytes) [change]
Note. You can customize design and edit content of all pages at "Customize design" section
Warning! Do not give your account username and password to anyone!
Customize design   [ Site menu builder ]
Full list of available templates to customize the design of any part of your website.
File Manager [Upload a large file ]
Full management of files and folders by means of handy web interface.
In this section you can create and manage informers. Informers are used to display entries of different modules on any page of the site.
RSS import
This feature allows to import news, comments, messages etc. from any RSS channels or feeds.
Substitution of default phrases
You can assign your own substitutes for most default phrases (e.g. "Username" instead of "Nickname").
Comments management
Management of all comments, added to the entries of various modules.
Smileys editor
In this section you can create your custom set of smileys.
Block unwanted IP addresses
If somebody clutters up your entries with inappropriate comments, you can add his/her IP to the block list.
Domain attachment
If you have your own domain, you can attach it to your account and make the latter accessible by new additional address (e.g. www.your-domain.com).
Banner rotator
Feature for displaying several banners at one place in random order.
uCoz banner and copyright adjustment
Selection of uCoz banner layout and copyright appearance for displaying on the pages of activated modules.
Site promotion
Useful information and hints on how to promote your site on the Internet.
Here a backup copy of all your project can be created. This feature raises reliability and gives chance to restore your work in case of serious troubles.
Website removal
Complete removal of your website and all connected data.
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