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This is a demo version of uCoz website Control panel. It is for you to familiarize yourself with the main system modules and features. All the Control panel actions are available, besides saving them and applying to the website. The access is provided for familiarization purposes. You may go to Control panel guide as well.
Maximum number of simultaneous logins to the Control Panel:
Allows several people or from several browsers to be in the Control Panel simultaneously.

Session timeout:
If you work in the Control Panel from home only, you can increase session timeout in order not to get errors about session period expiry in case of continuous inactivity.

Session security level by IP-address:
If you have your IP address changed each time you refresh a page or just periodically (you work through cascading proxy or traffic saving software, or your type of Internet connection doesn't provide constant IP address), and your work in the Control Panel is often interrupted by the error about changed IP, then you can choose the item "no fixation", however it will considerably reduce security level.

Login to Control Panel only from the specified IP-addresses and subnetworks: We do not advise you to use this function if you don't understand how it works. You might never get to your Control Panel again.

Secret question:Mother's maiden name
Answer to the secret question:
Specify the answer to the secret question to save changes.

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