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This is a demo version of uCoz website Control panel. It is for you to familiarize yourself with the main system modules and features. All the Control panel actions are available, besides saving them and applying to the website. The access is provided for familiarization purposes. You may go to Control panel guide as well.
This feature is intended for the quick replacement of one HTML fragment by another. For example, you need to replace "SITE LOGO" by "Interesting site", to do this you must enter "SITE LOGO" in the first field and "Interesting site" in the second. As a result all entries of "SITE LOGO" will be replaced by "Interesting site". Such actions can be done with any HTML code, e.g. you can replace images (logo), template variables ($code$) etc.

However, you must be very attentive when doing replacement, as it can occur even in unexpected places. For example, if you replace "a" by "b", the system will replace "a" by "b" everywhere.

Replacement mode:

Replace by:



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