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This is a demo version of uCoz website Control panel. It is for you to familiarize yourself with the main system modules and features. All the Control panel actions are available, besides saving them and applying to the website. The access is provided for familiarization purposes. You may go to Control panel guide as well.
This feature allows to get some code from remote sites and output it in your site code. Remote means that pages can be located not only on your website but also on any other site.

You can request the code of any page (static or dynamic) and output it in any template (except for entry appearance templates) by means of special template variables $RCODE_id$.

The system will cache the received code and thus no constant delays (for retrieving the remote page) will be implied. You can select the necessary cache update interval, suitable for your needs, but the normal and recommended value is 5 or more hours. To update the cached page immediately just re-save the current entry (no modifications required).

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