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This is a demo version of uCoz website Control panel. It is for you to familiarize yourself with the main system modules and features. All the Control panel actions are available, besides saving them and applying to the website. The access is provided for familiarization purposes. You may go to Control panel guide as well.
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    Views2 (-2)521.7
    Hosts1 (+0)211
    Visitors1 (+0)110.7
    Views per visitor2.
    Views without cookies0000
    Views without javascript0000
    Transitions from other sites1511.4
    Transitions from bookmarks0000
    Last visit by a human: 16:42
    Last visitor came: 16:16

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    • Page views - number of page loadings, i.e. page hits.
    • Hosts - number of unique IP addresses.
    • Visitors - number of unique computers. They are identified by means of cookies.
    • One Session - series of page views by one visitor if the interval between adjacent views is less than 30 minutes.
    • Reloads - repeated loadings of one page by one and the same visitor within 1 second.
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